Abstract hearts with Freckles Young, Free & Single

Hello! February is well under way now, which means social media and nail blogs will be full of hearts and love themed manis. And of course I have to join in! So apologies in advance, the next few posts will be valentine themed. Hopefully not too sickly sweet though.

So I was rummaging through my helmer looking for inspiration when I came across this beautiful red glitter jelly – Freckles Polish Young, Free & Single. This is from last years valentine collection, and is still available now, and is on sale!


I really do love the squishyness of red jelly polishes! My camera pulls this a touch bluer than it really is. The photo shows two coats, with topcoat as I wore it plain like this for a day or so.

I then decided to stamp some hearts over it. I used Pueen41 plate and MoYou London White Knight for the stamping. Pueen41 has lots of doodle style heart images, however they were too big for my nails so my design ended up quite abstract. Perfect for those who don’t want to go full on valentines though!


I used the top image for my index, middle and little fingers, the middle image for my ring finger and the top right for my thumb.


Here’s my thumbnail:


I still can’t stamp straight! Hopefully using the clear jelly stamper will cure this though.

Young, Free & Single is available from Freckles Polish priced £5 for 10ml.

Freckles Polish – Etsy; – Twitter; –  Instagram; – Facebook.

See you soon!

Jo x

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