Pink Candy Stripes

Hello loves! Today I’m showing you a mani that I made on my Ubermat back in October, it should have gone in the #wearitpink manis but got left out 😦 I think it’s worth showing though, so here it is.

Pink candy stripes

Polishes used:

Barry M Speedy Kiss Me Quick (pale pink)
Barry M Silver Foil (silver)
Revlon Passionate Pink (darker pink)
INM Out The Door (topcoat)
NYC Grand Central Station (clear)

I started out by making the decals – a coat of Grand Central Station on all of the nails on my mat, then I stamped the stripes in silver. I used an old Cheeky plate (CH11) for this – unfortunately the images only just fit my nails, and are a bit narrow for my thumbs. I then painted the darker pink stripes on using a tiny dotting tool. The image I picked has very narrow fine stripes,  and my painting splodged a bit! I left them all to dry for an hour or so.

Pink Candy Stripes

I peeled all the decals off the mat and trimmed to roughly the right size, then painted my nails with three coats of Kiss Me Quick, and applied each decal while the last coat was still wet. You only get a few seconds to apply the decal before it kind of melts into the wet polish! I cleaned up all the excess bits using my Wilko cleanup brush (I think it’s meant for eye-liner, but it’s perfect for nails and only £1) and acetone, then topcoated to seal it all in.

Till next time,
Jo x

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