#clairestelle8jan Challenge – Stripes

Hello! Time for the next prompt in the #clairestelle8jan challenge, this time the prompt is stripes. I seem to have accidentally missed the spirals prompt which is a shame as I have lots of spiral stamping plates, so I’ll try to squeeze it in sometime. I fancied doing something a little bit different this time, so I’ve gone for a French manicure accent!

#clairestelle8jan Challenge - Stripes

Polishes used:

Barry M Silver Foil (metallic silver base)
Nails Inc South Molton Street (sheer pink)
Revlon Amethyst (purple stripes)
Sally Hansen Night Watch (blue stripes)
INM Out The Door (topcoat)

I started with a coat of South Molton Street on my two accent nails. This is a very sheer pink, very similar to my natural nail colour, but it just hides the staining a bit! Unfortunately in the pics my camera highlights my nail ridges rather than the polish. I then added a coat of Silver Foil to my other nails, and carefully added a stripe across the tip of my accent nails.

#clairestelle8jan Challenge - Stripes

I applied liquid latex around each nail, and also all the way up to the silver tip so that I could stamp over the entire nail. The plate I used is from Born Pretty Store, BP-67, which I have used before on my Christmas wrapping paper nails. I dotted the purple and blue polishes at the end of each stripe then scraped across, making alternate(ish) stripes. Considering neither is a stamping polish they worked quite well!

Finally I added the row of flat silver studs, also bought from Born Pretty Store. I used a dotting tool dipped in topcoat to pick them up, I didn’t notice that the dotter still had a spot of red polish on from previous use, which transferred onto a couple of the studs. Everything was then sealed in with my favourite topcoat, INM Out The Door. 24 hours later I haven’t lost a single stud!

See you soon!

Jo x

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