Model’s Own Chromes – stamping fail :(

Hi! Just before Christmas I visited Birmingham to see the German market, and happened to stumble across the Models Own bottleshop in the Bullring. A whole shop of nail polish! On sale! It would have been rude to have left with nothing, so I picked up a couple of the latest Chrome polishes – Chrome Red and Chrome Turquoise. And then promptly forgot about them until now. The original chromes were great for stamping, so I had high hopes for these too.

I started with Chrome Red. These need a seriously good shake before use, and on my first go I hadn’t shook it enough and it was still gloopy. A couple more minutes of shaking later and it was fine. The stamper picked it up nicely, but could I get it to transfer to my nails? Could I heck! I’d end up with a teeny spot of red and the rest stayed firmly on the stamper. I know you have to work fast with these, and I was painting/scraping/stamping as fast as I could! It is possible that the room was too warm as I had the heating on, so maybe the polish was drying even faster than normal. I sighed, gave up and moved on to Chrome Turquoise.

The Polish Bar Cape Cod stamped with Models Own Chrome Turquoise

Happy to report more success here, but it’s still not great. It mostly ended up on my nails rather than the stamper though. Not sure what happened to my little finger, feel free to ignore it

The Polish Bar Cape Cod stamped with Models Own Chrome Turquoise

I will have another go some time, I’m sure it’s something I’m doing wrong.

In case you are wondering, the base is three coats of Cape Cod from The Polish Bar, which is a milky glitter crelly. I didn’t think I would like this as I don’t like white nails, but the squishyness and the pastel glitters won me over.

The Polish Bar Cape Cod

If anyone has any tips on using the new chromes for stamping, please let me know!

Jo x

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