#clairestelle8jan challenge – Forest Animals

Hello everyone! I’m stuffed full of cold at the moment (Mr Magpie has been oh so generous with his germs) so I’m keeping it simple today. The next prompt for #clairestelle8jan is forest animals – time to break out the Bundle Monster plates again!

#clairestelle8jan challenge - Forest Animals

Polishes used:

Revlon Colorstay French Roast (brown crème with subtle blue shimmer)
Barry M Gold Foil (gold stamping)
INM Out The Door (topcoat)

#clairestelle8jan challenge - Forest Animals

The Bundle Monster Fluffy & Ferocious sets have a couple of plates with forest scenes on, I chose BM-S163, mostly because I liked the toadstool! So we have thumb – hare, index – fox, middle – toadstool, ring – deer and little – squirrel. My placement is a bit off on a couple of them, I still need to practice that! (Or just wait for my clear jelly stamper order to arrive 😁)

#clairestelle8jan challenge - Forest Animals

Better pic of the hare on my thumbnail. As you can see, it stamps beautifully. If a bit wonky. But that’s my fault. You also get to see the little blue shimmers in French Roast which are usually very shy!

See you again soon,
Jo x

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