Maybelline free gift at Superdrug

Hello! Just a quick post to show you a freebie I picked up in Superdrug today, so if you’re out last minute shopping you can nip in and take a peek! Superdrug currently have a free gift if you buy any 3 Maybelline cosmetics, and the gift is a cute little boxed duo of nail polish. Ideal stocking filler! There are three sets available, all include a red polish and a glitter topper. I got the gold glitter, but there is also a silver version with hex & bar glitters, and a white glitter. I umm’d and arr’d about which to go for, but the gold seduced me!

Anyway, have some pics!

Maybelline Baby It's Gold Outside

The red is just called ‘Red’, and the glitter is ‘Gold Stunner’. It’s very pretty! I swatched it over black to make it stand out.

Maybelline Gold Stunner over Rimmel Blackjack

This is just one coat of Gold Stunner, as you can see it’s a generous helping!

Maybelline Gold Stunner over Rimmel Blackjack

Even better, Superdrug also have a 3 for 2 on Maybelline make-up, and the free item still counts towards the 3 you need for the gift. I love their foundation and falsies mascara, so ideal time for me to stock up! 🎁🎁

Happy shopping!

Jo x


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