Christmas wrapping paper!

Hello my lovely readers! I’ve been wrapping presents to go under the tree, and I wondered if I could get my nails to look like wrapping paper. I figured metallic and stripes would be a good way to go, and again I picked out polishes in my festive red, gold and green colour scheme.


Sorry about the tip wear! Been wearing this for a few days now before I got time to take photos.

Polishes used:

Sally Hansen Wedding Glitters (gold)
Revlon Parfumerie Bordeaux (red)
Revlon Parfumerie Balsam Fir (green)
Ciate Party Shoes (gold holo glitter)
INM Out The Door (topcoat)


I started with two coats of Wedding Glitters, which is my favourite gold polish – it’s a pale gold and suits my skin tone better than the more yellowy ones I have. I did the stripes using a Born Pretty Store stamping plate, BP67. I used the middle right pattern.


To make the alternate stripes, I painted every other stripe of the plate red, filled in with the green, then scraped off the excess in the same direction as the lines, hoping that I wouldn’t merge the colours. I think it worked well! Using regular polish also helped as I could take a little more time.


I finished off with a coat of Party Shoes, because it is the law in December to use glitter in every manicure. Honest.

There was one downside to this mani – the two Revlon polishes are scented, and the two together smelt terrible! Thankfully Bordeaux seemed to fade quickly just leaving the Balsam Fir scent, which either smelt of Christmas trees or toilet cleaner, depending what mood I was in. Luckily by the next morning that had gone too.

I really loved this mani, it felt very festive and was surprisingly easy to do. I’ve not really tried multi coloured stamping before, but I shall do it again! It’s also nice to find regular polishes that stamp well, although I realise they wouldn’t work over dark bases.

Till next time,
Jo x

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