Dupe alert! Next Big Apple & Barry M Sparkling Ruby (with bonus bunny slippers)

Last weekend I went Christmas shopping with my mother-in-law. While we were out we popped into Next, where I fell in love with a pair of bunny slippers. I usually ignore stuff like this, as with size 9 feet (I’m tall!) I’m often disappointed when they stop at a 7 or 8. But these were XL, which means they fit!


They have cute little pompom tails too at the heels. Squeeee!!

Anyway, while I was heading to pay, I spotted a stand of nail polish so I had to have a browse. I didn’t know Next sold polish! They are £4 each for 14ml, and are currently 3 for 2, so very reasonably priced. I picked up three that appealed to me and headed out, poorer but happy.

Here is one of the polishes I bought – the one that immediately caught my eye. It’s called Big Apple and is a shimmery glass fleck red. Ideal for Christmas!


I was a little disappointed that the golden shimmer didn’t transfer to the nails, unfortunately the shimmer particles sink into the base and just look red. Having said that, it is still a beautiful polish. This is two coats with top coat.


And then I thought, hang on, I’ve just taken off something similar to this! (It’s Christmas, I’m all about the reds right now!)


In the bottle, I would say Big Apple is a teensy bit pinker, but once I had swatched them both on the wheel, I couldn’t see any difference at all.


(Sorry, my camera had pulled them both a shade redder than they should be here, I think the shimmer confused it)

Both applied beautifully, and were perfect in two coats. Of the two I would pick the Barry M, but only because I like the new rounded brushes. The Next brush wasn’t bad – the nail swatch above was with no clean up, so it’s not like I was flooding my cuticles or anything, and if I hadn’t used a rounded brush before I would have been perfectly content with it. You get more polish for your £4 with Next – 14ml v 10ml, so win either way.

Barry M Sparkling Ruby is a limited edition only available in Superdrug, so if you’re having trouble finding it, why not try Next instead?

See you soon,
Jo x

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