#wearitpink – pink with dots

Hello! Today I’ve got another pink mani for Breast Cancer Awareness month, which also involved me playing with my new toy the ubermat! I’m planning to do a review post on it soon, so I won’t talk about it too much other to say I LOVE it!

I wanted to try out making decals on the mat, so I dug out a plate with a pattern I could fill in. I discovered that I don’t have many plates with suitable images, so I shall have to buy some new ones. Such a hardship.

#wearitpink - pink with dots

I pulled out a few polishes that I thought would work nicely together. The main pink on my index and little nails is NYC Strike A Rose, the dots are NYC Strike A Rose (darker pink), NYC Lincoln Square Lavender (lilac), and Models Own Hypergel Pink Veneer (paler pink). The grey background is an unnamed prototype from CMHandmadeUK, which had a hint of lilac until I put it next to the pinks, then it just looked grey. It was a great formula though, a perfect finish in one coat.

#wearitpink - pink with dots

I made the decals, starting with a coat of NYC Grand Central Station (clear polish) then stamping the circles with MoYou London Black Knight. The stamping plate I used was Pueen 58, which has some other patterns that would work for decals too. Once they had dried I filled in the dots using a dotting tool and then another coat of Grand Central Station to finish off. I then left them to dry for an hour or so.

#wearitpink - pink with dots

I trimmed the decals to size(ish), then put them on top of the wet grey polish. I cleaned up the edges with acetone to make it nice and neat. A final coat of topcoat to seal everything in and attach the studs, and I was good to go.

I was quite pleased with my first effort! More to come soon 🙂

I’m adding this mani to the pink collection for Breast Cancer Awareness month, featuring several British nails bloggers. If you’d like to look through the collection, or add a link to your own pink mani, click the button below.

Jo x

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