Barry M Sparkling Amethyst

Hello! I’m taking a quick break from pink to show you a mani I did last month, just haven’t got round to writing it up until now! Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about the new Gelly shades from Barry M released a couple of weeks ago. I can’t say I’m too bothered about the almost-black ones, but the sparkly purple and red are right up my street. Today I’m showing you the purple, Sparkling Amethyst.


I’ve seen these called glitter Gellys,  but they aren’t really glitter. It’s more of a glass fleck, and it’s very pretty! I used three coats in the photos – the colour got richer after each coat and the depth of sparkles increased, I think three coats gave a better effect than two. I was very impressed with the formula too – thick enough to build up to opaque coverage, but still thin enough to show off those sparkles!


The photos were taken in full sunshine, hopefully I’ve caught some of how it glows!


Sparkling Amethyst has the new curved brush that was introduced with the Speedy range. I really like the brush, it is the perfect width for me and makes it very easy to get nice clean cuticle lines.

After a day or two, I stamped over it. I used Born Pretty Store plate BP-11 and Barry M Lilac Foil. The sun had vanished again so this is now overcast lighting.



Such a fun stamping pattern! I’d been dying to use it since buying the plate 🙂

Barry M Gelly Sparkling Amethyst and it’s mate Sparkling Ruby are limited editions exclusive to Superdrug. The first Superdrug I went in had run out of Sparkling Ruby and had filled the space with Ruby Slippers instead, which is a red glitter topper, so be careful what you pick up!

Back to the pink next time!
Love, Jo x

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