#wearitpink – pink with nail transfers

Hello loves! I’m carrying on with the pink theme for Breast Cancer Awareness month. Today I decided to use these pretty nail transfers from Born Pretty Store.


The instructions on the back of the packet were a bit vague – Select a design and peel the sticker off, place the design on a nail tip and rub it gently several times, apply top coat. I ignored them and did what I’ve always done for transfers! I cut nail width strips, and dipped in water for around 10 seconds until the transfer came away from the backing sheet, then placed on my nail. You get a couple of seconds to reposition before the transfer softens – at this point you can’t move it any more as it will tear or wrinkle. These transfers are very transparent, and need to be placed on a white base coat to bring the colours out.


I chose to pair the transfers with Nails Inc Optic Glow, which matched the pink packaging. Optic Glow is by far the easiest pastel pink to work with that I own, the only thing I don’t like about it is the narrow brush. I’m getting too used to the wider curved brushes in Sally Hansen and newer Barry Ms. Two coats will be perfect for most people – I’ve got some nasty stains from a blue polish that are growing out so I needed three to hide them. On my middle and ring fingers I used two coats of Essence Stampy white. I wouldn’t recommend this as a normal polish, it dried very chalky and was easy to scratch. It was OK as a base for the transfers though.


I applied the transfers to my middle and ring fingers, and then sealed everything with a coat of INM Out The Door. Unfortunately I was a bit heavy handed with the topcoat over my ring finger and the brush has removed some of the transfer. I have now learnt that I need to treat transfers like stamping and kind of float the topcoat over my nail without allowing the brush to touch.


That slight hiccup aside, I am happy with how these turned out, very pretty and feminine! I used just under half the pack of transfer to do four accent nails, so I’m not sure I could squeeze a full mani from a single pack. I didn’t think I have particularly wide nails (thumb excepted) but I guess the curve makes them look thinner than they really are. I also found it difficult to judge how wide to cut the transfers, and I ended up having to fill in a gap at the side of my nail. I definitely would use them again though, such a delicate effect without needing any artistic talent!

The transfers are available here, (pattern 007) although they are sold out at the moment.

If you’d like to see more pinkness for Breast Cancer Awareness month, click the button below to view the pics or add your own link to join in.

See you soon!
Love, Jo x

(P.S. Have you checked your boobs recently? No? Go do it now!)

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