I’m Back!

Good morning my lovelies! I’m back from holiday  refreshed and  raring to go. (This is a lie. I’m never raring to go at anything!)

Over the past two weeks I have done so much exercise! I climbed a mountain (Merrick, in Galloway Country Park) which was a massive achievement for me, I walked to Britain’s most remote beach (Sandwood Bay, 4.5 miles from the nearest road, 9 mile round trip) and even on less active days I still managed at least 10k steps a day. I’ve also over indulged on the local foods (hot smoked salmon, yummy) and drank a ton of wine so I will find out tonight at weigh in what damage I’ve done!

Coming home from holiday is always depressing, but these pretty bottles waiting on my doormat made things a little better.


On the top row we have Incence Burner, Lady Of The Lake, Gloriana and Order of the Garter, all from A-England. A-England often runs offers where you can pick up two or three shades for much reduced prices, which is how I got these. They also have a gem of the month for £6, Lady of the Lake was last months gem.

The bottom row is a new-to-me Dutch indie maker called Polish Alcoholic. I saw a swatch of RedRum (the red one) and had to order it, I grabbed Here’s Johnny at the same time. I’m wearing RedRum right now and it is beautiful! Pics to come soon hopefully.

You may remember that I packed a naildrobe for my holiday – 10 untried polishes to use and swatch. I got through 7 of them (plus 1 extra that appeared from somewhere *coughs*) so lots of pics of those to come too.

It’s looking like a beautiful sunny (if chilly) day here, so I’m off to tackle the mountain of washing we brought home, then work calls. See you soon!

Love, Jo x

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