Extended mani

Hello! I’ve been feeling a bit meh about nails and blogging recently – I’ve been painting my nails but making the effort to photograph and write about them has been beyond me! I did take photos of a couple of manis though, today I’ll show you the first. This one evolved over a few days.


I still can’t find a comfortable hand pose! I have long fingers and a double-jointed left thumb so you’d think my hand would be flexible, but nooo!


Day 1. I started this mani with two coats of Rimmel London Pillow Talk. I absolutely adore this baby blue colour but the formula is a bit thin and patchy. To hide a couple of thin spots I added a coat of Sally Hansen Rock Star glitter topper. Glitter makes everything better! Unfortunately no pics of this stage.


Day 2. Shopping happened! On a trip to Superdrug I noticed that Miss Sporty makeup was 3 for 2, and that they had a scattered holo range! So I picked up all four. Oops. I added a coat of the silver one (010) on my thumb just to try it out, which produced a shimmery frosty pink look to the mani. I liked it, so did all my fingers. Miss Sporty polishes don’t have names on the bottles, just numbers, but the stand in the shop definitely had names on.


I will try to do proper swatches of these soon! I really want to try the red and the blue out.

Day 3. I stamped over it using Born Pretty Store plate BP-17 (also used here) and MoYou London White Knight. I used to have real problems with White Knight, but it works nicely with the BPS plates. No idea why.



So there we go. A pretty mani that sort of evolved by accident. Happy days 🙂

See you soon,
Love, Jo x

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