Barry M Speedy Supersonic and Born Pretty Store BP-10

As you may know,  Barry M extended their Speedy range recently, adding a few shimmer polishes. The moment I saw swatches of Supersonic, I knew that I had to have it, and I’ve finally got round to picking it up. Supersonic is a royal blue colour with lots of pink shimmer, so the polish changes from blue to purple depending on the light. As I love both blue and purple, it’s no surprise that I love this polish!


My camera does pull it blue most of the time, I would say it’s a touch more purple than the photos show. It is a bit of a chameleon though, hard to capture!

Formula wise, I found it applied much better than the first round of Speedys, nowhere near as much dragging and I didn’t notice any bubbles like the other three I own are prone to. It did dry fast too. It was more sheer than I was expecting – on the second coat I could still see thin patches, but a third sorted things out.


I decided to stamp over it in gold (Barry M Gold Foil, as usual!) using another plate from Born Pretty Store, this time BP-10.

BP-10 has a large buffet-style image full of paisley swirls, plus a few little shell and starfish images. I love big images like this as you can make every nail different but still keep the same theme. And of course they fit every size of nail!


I randomly picked a different part of the image to use each time, and stamped all 10 nails. They all stamped beautifully first time, all of the fine detail is there, and no bits missing. I am super impressed by this little plate!


I’m very happy with how this mani turned out 🙂 The gold on blurple looks great, and I love Supersonic! Please Barry M, can we have more stunners like this one? It’s great to find unusual polishes in mainstream brands.

BP-10 is available from Born Pretty Store here, with free shipping worldwide. Barry M can be found at Boots, Superdrug, and larger Tesco stores.

Till next time,
Love, Jo x


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