Freckles Polish Greek Islands with a blue gradient

Good morning! Today’s nail art was inspired by the base polish, which I bought from another polish addict having a clear out. Freckles Polish Greek Islands is a white crelly base containing various blue glitters. It obviously takes its own inspiration from a Greek holiday – the whitewashed buildings with their blue roofs and doors, along with the blue sky and golden sun, and the Mediterranean sea. I have a painting upstairs that we bought in Mykanos many years ago, which uses exactly this palette.

I forgot to take proper pictures of Greek Islands on its own (bad blogger!) but I did manage to grab one on my phone. Please excuse the quality, it was taken in a bathroom with no natural light.


You can see most of the mix of glitters in the pic – there are also some larger darker blue hex shapes that mostly ended up on my thumbs and right hand, and some large yellow circles that I couldn’t get out at all. I wore it like this for a day, then felt that I needed to add something to it. I don’t think I’ll ever be comfortable with white nails!

I picked out two blue polishes that matched shades of the glitter – Revlon Colorstay Costal Surf and Rimmel Pillow Talk. I used zigzag vinyls from She Sells Seashells and laid them vertically down the centre of each nail, then sponged on a gradient using the two blues. I cleaned up each nail as I did it this time, rather than doing a whole hand, and it made it much easier.


Here’s a shot showing all of the different glitters in the bottle:


I am really happy with how these came out! For once I am pleased with the gradient clean up, and I think I chose shades that work together well. I did plan to add some white stamping the next day, but unfortunately I chipped a huge chunk off before I could do it.



Now I want to go on holiday! Got three weeks to wait until I go away 🙂

My zigzag nail vinyls came from and cost £1 per pack.

Greek Islands can be bought from JulieAnn’s Etsy shop. You can follow Freckles Polish on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

I’m off now to dream of holidays!

Jo x

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