Arabesque nails using Born Pretty Store BP-17

I’m a member of the UK Stamping Community on Facebook, and every two weeks we have a new theme to base manis on – this fortnight the theme is arabesque. I had to go and Google it, as I’d only heard the word in relation to ballet before! From Wikipedia: “The arabesque is a form of artistic decoration consisting of “surface decorations based on rhythmic linear patterns of scrolling and interlacing foliage, tendrils” or plain lines, often combined with other elements.” It’s often found in Arabic or Islamic artwork, and the examples I found on Google looked stunning.

So, I rummaged through my stamping plate stash. I didn’t come up with anything that I would exactly class as arabesque, but plate BP-17 from Born Pretty Store had elements that could work.


I chose to use the top right pattern, because it’s symmetrical and repeats, plus has some scrolling. And it’s pretty.

For my base, I used three coats of Essie Romper Room which is a pale pink crème. I still hate the formula of this, it’s so streaky and doesn’t even out until the third coat goes on. It also needs topcoat to smooth it out after. Originally I was going to use this as the base for something completely different, but I got sidetracked!


I used good old Barry M Silver Foil for the stamping, I think pale pink and silver look great together. Stamping was easy – the image transferred to my stamper with no problems. I really like how I’ve managed to get the webbing effect across the tip of my nails! Entirely intentional, of course! 😉


The studs also come from Born Pretty Store (is there anything they don’t sell?) and were simple to apply. I put a thin coat of topcoat on each plain nail, then used an orange stick to pick up a stud and position in the wet polish. Another coat of topcoat seals them in, and should be enough to hold them on for a couple of days.


I’m very happy with how this turned out!

BP-17 is available from Born Pretty Store, here. The studs I used are here. Shipping is free worldwide from China – my last order was made on July 30th and arrived Aug 8th – quicker than some UK based companies!

See you soon,
Love, Jo x

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