The 13% club

I haven’t posted much recently on my weight loss progress, mostly because well, there hasn’t been any!

This year, things had been fine, the weight was coming off, I was feeling better and more energetic, and everything was peachy.

Then at the start of July I came down with the flu. I spent two weeks feeling crap, shovelling sugar into myself (cough sweets, cough medicine, honey & lemon drinks etc) and eating takeaway because I felt too bad to cook. Binge eating returned with a vengeance! A blood test around this time showed that my thyroid meds needed to be increased, which was adding to my general doom & gloom. Now, two months later, I’ve settled into the new meds level, cut out all the sugar and most of the extra crap, and lost most of the 7.5lbs I’d put back on. It could have been so much worse!

Today I saw my psychologist, he’s helping me to understand why I binge and how to control it rather than resorting to gastric band surgery (which I’m sure wouldn’t help me, food can be liquidised after all!). He pointed out that it’s almost a year since I first saw him. In that year I am 3.5st lighter than when I began. He said it in kilos, but I can’t get my head round metric! He asked, that if a year ago he had offered me a 3.5st loss in a year, would I have taken it? Well of course I would! And by making the effort to lose weight, I’ve avoided putting on whatever I would have done eating the way I used to, which would have been at least a stone. This is the bit that really stuck in my head though – if you took a group of people who want to lose weight, weigh them, then weigh them again a year later, 87% of them would have put weight on. They may have lost weight initially, hit a rough spot, given up and put it all back with interest. That means only 13% of ‘dieters’ (sorry, hate that word) will be lighter than what they were a year ago.

Whoohoo, I’m in the 13% club!

My aim for this time next year is to be lighter than I am today. Hopefully a lot lighter, but most definitely not heavier!

I think as ‘dieters’ (arrgh, but ‘losers’ doesn’t sound much better!) we can get so obsessed over small details and minor problems/gains that we lose sight of the big picture. I’ve been kicking myself for gaining half a stone, and eating takeaways and drinking too much alcohol that I try to make myself feel better by eating chocolate and ice cream and pizza and then I feel crap again.. and so the vicious circle goes round. It’s so much nicer to think, well OK, you ate a plate of chips and they were great! Now back on plan, and hey, you’ve lost 3.5st, you’re amazing!

I’ve rambled a bit! But to anyone out there who reads this, whether you’re in a rough patch, thinking of giving up, or just plodding along – remember you are fucking awesome. Yes, you!


Much love,
Jo x

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