Danglefoot Nail Polish Bra Off, Hair Up and Essence Black Dress and White Tie

Phew, that’s a long blog post title!

I’ve followed Danglefoot Nail Polish on Instagram for a few months now, but this is the first time I’ve ordered as I could not resist Hayley’s recent release! Bra Off, Hair Up (such a fab name!) is a raspberry crelly holo. As is typical for me, I put on a holo and the sun vanishes. So all pics are indoor, natural lighting. Sorry.


My camera hated this polish, and refused to portray it accurately. My attempts to colour correct left me with weird skin tone, so yeah..


All pics show three thin coats of Bra Off, Hair Up, and you can still see some nail line. No big deal for me though.


I think the above photo is the most colour accurate, you can see it leans slightly pink. There are also hints of holo flare!

After a day or so I wanted a bit of a change, but I wasn’t ready to take BOHU off yet. I was going away for the weekend, and in a bit of a rush, so I did my usual of flinging glitter at it to freshen up. I wanted a contrast from the bright cheerful base, so I chose the monochrome Essence Black Dress and White Tie.


BOHU is much easier to colour capture accurately now it’s covered in glitter!

Black Dress and White Tie is a mix of black and white hex glitters, and fine silver glitter in a clear base. I love the contrast against the red background!


This mani was almost indestructible! I took it off after six days, which included a weekend away caravanning, walking & cycling and there were only a couple of tiny chips on my right hand. Barely even any tip wear on my left. I’m impressed!


You can buy Bra Off, Hair Up from Danglefoot Nail Polish’s Etsy store, and follow them on Instagram for news and swatch pictures. Essence polishes can be found at Wilko stores.

I’ve another Danglefoot Nail Polish to show you next, see you there!

Jo x

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