Girly Bits Sofa King Messy

Recently I was browsing Instagram and spotted another UK user having a polish clear out, so I quickly bagged a few! One of them was a glitter topper with no makers logo, just the sticker ‘Sofa King Messy’ on the bottom. A bit of Googling later, I found out it was from Girly Bits, and was created after they received a damaged glitter shipment (hence the name – say it out loud fast!)

Sofa King Messy is a good old fashioned indie glitter bomb. It’s a clear base packed with many, many glitters, predominantly teal/blue, but I also spotted red, green and gold in there. I love it so much!


I started off with two coats of Sally Hansen Night Watch, which is a gorgeous navy blue jelly, and then added two coats of Sofa King Messy. Considering the amount of glitter in there, it dried surprisingly smooth, and a single coat of INM Out The Door was enough to make it almost glass-like.


OMG the sparkles! Photos cannot do this polish justice – it looked like it glowed on my nails. Even in dull light. Love, love, LOVE it!


I wore it like this for a couple of days (tip, don’t wear this then try to drive in the sun) then I did something stupid – I stamped over it.


I liked it better before the stamping. Hey ho. I used a Pueen plate, and Models Own Chrome Blue to stamp with.


The moral of the story is, if you like something, leave it alone!

Sofa King Messy is still available from the Girly Bits store, shipped all the way from Canada.

Till next time,
Love, Jo x

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