Fabric matching!

Hi! I’m taking a break from nail art challenges this month as it was stressing me out a bit last time, but that won’t stop the nail art completely! On Sunday, we attended a family gathering, I’d picked a pretty flowery top to wear and I wondered if I could make my nails match.

This is the fabric I was trying to recreate:


I figured that stamping was the easiest way, then painting in some of the flowers afterwards. I could have made decals, but that is time consuming and I needed all 10 nails doing! I looked through my stamping plates trying to find one with outlines of flowers. I needed outlines rather than full flowers as I would be stamping in black and then filling in with pink & white polish. I found a suitable image of MoYou Pro plate 08.


I started out with two coats of Nails Inc The Tide Is High, which matched the colour of my top almost perfectly. I then stamped my image using MoYou London Black Knight, and left it a few mins to dry.


Then, using the smallest paintbrush I could find (size 00, which is still a little big!) I added in pink (Barry M Gelly Dragon fruit) and white (MoYou London White Knight) details. I covered it all in a coat of INM Out The Door, managing to smudge my index finger in the process. D’oh!


They kinda match! Bizarrely my right hand looks much neater, despite me having to paint details with my left non-dominant hand.

I think I like these. They are not as neat as I hoped but they still look OK. I think the pattern is a bit busy for my taste (the top is an unusual purchase for me, I’m not usually a bold pattern girl!) They did get admired though, so that’s alright 😉

See you soon!
Love, Jo x

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