Born Pretty Store stamping plate BP12 and OPI Bright Lights Big Color

Hi! Before I start, just wanted to say sorry for the radio silence this week – I’ve had a virus that combined with the hottest days so far this year has completely wiped me out. I love the sunshine, but I can’t cope with humidity. Thankfully I’m getting better, and it has cooled down a few degrees so I’m almost human again!

Today I have a new (to me) stamping plate to show you from Born Pretty Store. It’s currently on sale at 65p, so go get it! I recently ordered five plates from BPS, this is the first one that I have tried out.


As you can see, it has three full size nail images in the middle, three more large images top middle and bottom, and then the two small symbols. Any bits of red you see in the patterns is just me failing at cleaning up properly!

I thought that I would try it out with a polish that I picked up recently from TK Maxx that I was dying to try out. OPI Bright Lights Big Color is a summery coral colour, with gorgeous golden shimmer running through it. Thankfully the shimmer transferred well to my nails, it’s always disappointing when it stays in the bottle!


I started out with two coats of BLBC on my thumb, index and little nails, and two coats of Barry M Coconut on my middle and ring nails. This was actually planned as a base for trying out watermarbling, which ended up as an epic fail. So I stamped instead. I stamped the fan image using BLBC which isn’t ideal as a stamping polish, but it did OK. Any gaps you see in the image are entirely due to my skill at stamping, not the quality of the plate. I’ve also tried the fishnet pattern (middle left on the plate) with a MoYou London stamping polish and that transferred perfectly.


I’m always wary of corals, they have a habit of staining, but I am happy to report no issues with this one! I did make sure to double up on base coat though just in case.

You can find plate BP-12 here, with free shipping worldwide. It took approx three weeks for my order to arrive in the UK from China, faster than I expected. I just need to find time to play with the others now!

See you soon,
Love, Jo x

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