#clairestelle8june challenge - Squares

#clairestelle8june challenge – Squares

Hello! Today is the day for the third prompt in the Instagram #clairestelle8june challenge, and it is squares. I knew what I wanted to do as soon as I’d seen the prompt, and so last night I set about making it a reality. Before I show you though, I just need to say one thing: I fecking HATE striping tape!

I feel better now.

#clairestelle8june challenge - Squares
#clairestelle8june challenge – Squares

First, I picked out three colours that I thought would make a nice cheerful gradient- the sun is shining and I wanted bright happy nails! I chose Nails Inc Slone Street (neon pink), NYC Spring Street (orange) and Spoiled by Wet n Wild Designated Driver (yellow). I’ve noticed that I only ever pick orange and yellow when it’s sunny! I also grabbed Barry M Coconut for the base, and Pink Iridescent to add a bit of glitter. Everything is better when you add glitter, right?

I started off with two coats of Coconut, which I topped with HK Girl Glisten & Glow to dry them quickly. Once they were dry, I I taped off the grid pattern using striping tape. I hate using this stuff, it is more interested in curling up into ringlets than sticking to my fingers. However, the results were worth it! I then painted around my nails with Zap! liquid latex. My boyfriend came in at this point and nearly wet himself laughing at the state of my hand.

Prep work done!

I then grabbed a makeup sponge, and sponged on a gradient, then peeled away all the latex and tape. In hindsight, I should have done one nail at a time as the polish dried quickly, which meant the latex just pulled away from under it rather than taking off the excess. I now know for next time! I cleaned everything up with a brush and some acetone, then added a coat of Pink Iridescence (the sparkle shows up better in real life than in the photos) and finished with G&G topcoat.

#clairestelle8june challenge - Squares
#clairestelle8june challenge – Squares

I’m happy! I really like this look 🙂 It’s fun and bright, and I’m getting loads of compliments today which makes it all worthwhile (haha, not really, I’m just happy if I like it!) But compliments are a nice bonus 😉

My next mani prompt may be a little late unless I can get it done tomorrow (but I don’t want to take these off yet!) as I’m off away for the weekend.

Enjoy the sunshine!

Love, Jo x


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