#clairestelle8june challenge - Flamingos

#clairestelle8june challenge – Flamingos!

Hello and happy Sunday! Today is the second prompt in the #clairestelle8june challenge, which is flamingos! I wasn’t looking forwards to this one, as I don’t have any appropriate stamping plates, decals or stickers, and so it meant trying to freehand again. Advance warning – it’s not great. But it’s a flamingo, and it’s pink, so it counts.

#clairestelle8june challenge - Flamingos
#clairestelle8june challenge – Flamingos

I chose a nice bright flamingo pink for this – Revlon Colorstay Passionate Pink, and did two coats on my nails. Looking at the photos, I should have done three. My ring finger got two coats of Barry M Gelly Coconut, and then I freehanded a flamingo using Passionate Pink and MoYou London Black Knight.

#clairestelle8june challenge - Flamingos
#clairestelle8june challenge – Flamingos

Unfortunately my flamingo didn’t last very long – less than an hour later he had a nasty accident involving a sock drawer and lost his leg. My nails are now stubby again.

#clairestelle8june challenge - Flamingos
#clairestelle8june challenge – Flamingos

I think the next prompt is squares, hopefully I’ll be more inspired by that one!

See you soon,

Love Jo x

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