Collection Coral Reef

I’ve done a lot of pastel and neutral manis recently – I was dying to put some colour on my nails! So I chose one of the brightest reds I could find in my stash – Collection Coral Reef.


Definitely a pop of colour!

Coral Reef is an orange-toned red crème, which applies slightly sheer. The photos show three coats and there is still visible nail line at some angles. The flakies on my ring finger are Sally Hansen Chili Flakes, which are a touch on the thick side so I ended up dabbing them on. I find this quite common with flakies though.


I wore it like this for a day, and then I caved and stamped over it. I can’t leave a mani plain anymore! Must stamp on nails!


I’ve joined a Facebook group called UK Stamping Community, and from there I picked up a few tips about priming Creative stampers before use. They suggested rubbing with a magic eraser sponge (one of these, found in most poundshops) and giving a very very quick swipe of acetone. I followed the instructions, and yay, I have a working stamper! I like this one because the stamper head is so much bigger, making it easier to stamp long nails.


I still need to practice with this one a bit more, you can see a few gaps in the design close up (they aren’t too visible normally though!)


I used Barry M Silver Foil for the stamping, which I have heard has now been discontinued. 😭 So if you see any, grab them! They are popping up at places like B&M and TJ Hughes, along with other older limited editions. The pattern is a fab random scribble from Cheeky plate CH16.

I’m sad to report that Coral Reef is a stainer, even using base coat. My nails are now a reddish orange colour. Guess I won’t be using this one again!

Collection polishes are available from Boots and Superdrug, and from larger supermarkets. Sally Hansen polishes are available from Boots, but I only buy older ones from poundshops. I bought my Cheeky plates from Amazon. And, finally, my Creative stamper came from Rainbow Connection. If you use this link, you can save 5% off your first order!

Till next time,
Love Jo x

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