#clairestelle8may challenge – Roses

Another day, another challenge manicure! Today’s prompt for the #clairestelle8may challenge is roses. I love roses, they remind me of my dad who grew about 20 rose bushes in our garden, all different shades. When they were in bloom, it was a riot of colour! My favourite was a beautiful lilac rose bush, it didn’t produce many flowers at once, but the ones it did have were large and smelt amazing. I was often found out there sniffing the roses!

On to the mani. Messy one today! I wanted to stamp over a gradient, so I pulled out my Barry M Speedy polishes Eat My Dust, Lap Of Honour and Kiss Me Quick and sponged on a gradient. I’d painted around my nails with Rainbow Connection Zap! liquid latex to try and make clean up easier.  I then painted a coat of Violet Rose Polish Fairy Glen that I won in a giveaway over the top to add a bit of shimmer & glitter. I really liked the look at this point, I wish I’d taken photos! Once it was dry, I stamped roses from MoYou London Pro plate 09, using my squishy stamper and MoYou London White Knight stamping polish. Finally, a coat of HK Girl Glisten & Glow to finish off.


I’m not in love with this mani, it didn’t turn out how I pictured it in my head. I think the stamping pattern I used is too busy – its hiding most of the gradient which I did like. I keep looking down and seeing white nails, which reminds me of painting my nails with tippex in school. Not an epic fail, but not an epic win, either.


I also think I should have kept the gradient to just pink & lilac. The blue is too close to the white in colour. And I got carried away stamping, and got my accent nail in the wrong place.



The next prompt is gradient! I should have looked before doing one this time round. I have an idea though.. just need to bring it to life 🙂

If you’d like to see the awesome manis created for this challenge, search #clairestelle8may on Instagram.

Violet Rose Polishes are available from Emma’s Etsy store – I will be showing you the two I won in more detail soon!

Jo x

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