kandy.colors Made To Love

Good morning! It’s Sunday morning, I’m horrendously hung over, but never mind because I have another gorgeous UK indie to show you today!

This is kandy.colors Made To Love, part of the same Cleopatra collection as Something Special (swatched here) with that same stunning golden shimmer.


Made To Love is a dusky pink that looks very flattering on my skin tone, I don’t normally go for neutrals but this one is pretty. The shimmer doesn’t stand out as much as in Something Special, but it did make my nails glow in the sun 🙂


All pics show two coats of Made To Love plus one coat of HK Girl Glisten & Glow.



I can see a bit of nail line in the photos, but it wasn’t visible in real life.

I stamped over it too – will show you in a later post!

kandy.colors polishes are 5 free, and are available from their website. You can follow them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for swatches and special offers. Like most UK indie makers, they can only ship polishes within the UK, but they do make other make-up that is available internationally.

I’ve changed my nail shape to proper squares – not sure if I like them this way. Those corners are sharp! I’m covered in scratches already, and last night I chipped a corner off. I’ll probably go back to squovals again.

See you soon!
Love, Jo x

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