#clairestelle8may challenge – Nautical!

So today’s prompt in the #clairestelle8may challenge is nautical. Boats and stuff. I looked through my small stash of stamping plates and couldn’t find a single appropriate image. I drew a blank on decals too. That meant – *gulp* freehand!

I can’t draw for toffee with a pencil and a huge sheet of paper, never mind a fiddly brush on a teeny curved nail. I didn’t have high hopes for this one! I Googled nautical, and found this image which I used for inspiration.


I started with a base colour on each nail – two coats ofwhite (Barry M Gelly Coconut) on thumb, middle and little finger, one coat of blue (Nails Inc The Serpentine) on my index and two coats of red (unnamed W7) on my ring finger. I could have used an extra coat of red, but never mind.

I used nail vinyls to create stripes on my middle and little fingers. Then came the hard part – trying to draw stuff. The anchor came out pretty well. I soon discovered a flaw in my plan though when I tried to paint a red boat over the blue stripes – my red polish just wasn’t opaque enough. Same problem when I tried to paint a white lighthouse on my index finger. I now realise why many nail artists use acrylic paint instead of polish. In the end I gave up and painted over them. My index finger has a little ship’s wheel charm that came from Home Bargains, and my thumb has the nautical flag for ‘All Aboard’.


Not my best mani by any means! But I am glad that I tried, at the very least I have learnt stuff. And it is certainly a different look for me than I would usually do!


Halfway through this challenge now, I’m having a lot of fun! Don’t forget, if you want to see what others are doing, just search #clairestelle8may on Instagram. And follow me, I’m @thepolishedmagpie 🙂

Jo x

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