Pond Manicure

Recently I’ve been seeing lots of pond manicures popping up on Instagram and Facebook. A pond mani is made up of a pattern (such as dots, or flowers) alternating with layers of sheer polish. The idea is that the deeper into the mani you look, the darker the pattern is, like looking into a pond. Adventures in Acetone did a great tutorial, you can see it here.

So, here is my attempt!


I started out with a coat of Barry M Coconut. Pond manis don’t usually have a base, but I know that my sheer polish is super sheer, and no-one needs to see my poor stained nails. It also made the colour more vivid, which I liked.


I painted one coat of Sally Hansen Triple Shine Jell-ous? on my nails, and waited (im)patiently for it to dry. I then used a dotting tool to randomly dot Coconut on my nails. Wait to dry. Paint another coat of Jell-ous. Wait more. And so on. I ended up with three coats of Jell-ous, then added one last layer of dots. It was a long process.


I did like the results though, it was very cute. And very pink. If I ever do this again, I would go for more coverage in the pattern, like flowers or hearts, and maybe one more layer, then hopefully I wouldn’t need the base layer.


See you soon!

Love, Jo x

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