#clairestelle8may challenge – Stars featuring CMHandmadeUK Cosmic

We are up to the fourth prompt in the #clairestelle8may challenge, and this time it is stars. I’ve also just received an order from CMHandmadeUK (see the lovely Baloo here) which contained a polish called Cosmic – serendipity at it’s finest 🙂

Cosmic is a mix of blue holo hex glitter and blue micro-glitter in a blue jelly base. Which utterly fails to describe how pretty this is! Sparkly blue polishes – I love them so much!


I’m showing one coat of Cosmic layered over one coat of Sally Hansen Night Watch, which is a midnight blue jelly. Cosmic would build nicely on it’s own, but I wanted the dark base for my challenge mani. I put one coat on a white swatch stick, you can see the jelly base is pretty pigmented.


I wore it like this for a day before stamping, just because I liked it so much 🙂


I did find it quite hungry for topcoat – two coats of HK Girl G&G tamed most of the bumpyness though.


For the #clairestelle8may challenge, I decided to stamp silver stars over this base, hopefully giving a kind of night sky look. I used Cheeky plate CH5, Barry M Silver Foil, Rainbow Connection Zap (latex cuticle shield) and my MoYou London stamper. I am very happy with the result!


This is the first stamping mani that I am really pleased with. I love this look! When the sun hits my nails (rare, at the moment), all the glitters sparkle behind the stars.




I’m having so much fun with this challenge, and I can see my skills are improving all the time 🙂

CMHandmadeUK polishes are available from their Etsy store, and you can follow them on Instagram for lots of swatches.

The next prompt is Nautical, wonder what I can do for that? I shall hit Google for inspiration!

Jo x

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