#clairestelle8may challenge – Inspired by another artist

I’m back from my weekend away raring to go on this challenge! I love browsing Instagram and seeing the designs that some of the talented nail artists come up with. One I follow is @_nailsbyjacky, and she recently posted a pretty leopard print mani that I thought I might be able to recreate. I’ve wanted to do a leopard print for ages, so now is an ideal opportunity!


This was quite a simple look to achieve. I started with two coats of Rimmel Rain Rain Go Away (yes, another Rimmel polish that I love!) on all nails except for my ring fingers, which got two coats of OPI Love.Angel.Music.Baby. Once everything was touch dry, I blobbed on a few leopard spots using LAMB and left those to dry too. I used a Pink Tease nail art pen in black (another Poundworld find) to outline my spots, and add a few little dots here and there. Finally a layer of topcoat to seal it all.

I really like Rain Rain Go Away, it was a lovely formula and very easy to apply. It was a darker shade than @_nailsbyjacky used, but I didn’t have a lighter one. I think I added too many dots, my nails look a bit busy to me. My right hand is better for once! I’ve also managed to smear some of the black outlines with the topcoat, I’m far too impatient to get everything done, although I didn’t realise it had happened until I took the photos! Its not really noticeable in real life.


Overall I’m glad I did this mani – it came out a lot better than I hoped! It doesn’t really feel like *me* though – I rarely wear neutrals and I miss my bright & vampy nails! If I paint my nails, its because I want them to be noticed!

The next part of the challenge is lace – time to dig out some stamping plates I think!


I’ve got a swatch of a gorgeous indie polish for you later today.. stay tuned!

Jo x

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