Rimmel Ultra Violet and Freckles Polish Glitter Like A Gemini

Rimmel and I have had a love-hate relationship for years now. I have been seduced by so many pretty little bottles, only to try them out and find overly runny, streaky formulas, or thick gloopy messes that end up at the back of a cupboard unloved. They also never seemed to last more than a few hours on me without chipping. I finally gave up and stopped buying them, transferring my affections elsewhere (hellooo Barry M!)

Perusing Poundworld one lunchtime, I came across a bottle of a beautiful violet Rimmel polish, from a range I’d not heard of before. So I bought it, and here it is. Can it rekindle my Rimmel love?


In short, yes it can!

Ultra Violet was a joy to use. It was the perfect consistency – not runny enough to flood my cuticles, but not so thick that it dragged and took hours to dry. The photos all show two coats.


Quick phone pic I took before adding the glitter. You can see how shiny this is even without top coat.

Much as I liked the colour, I didn’t want plain nails. I didn’t have time for much, so I added a glitter topper. Glitter makes everything better!


The glitter I chose was Freckles Polish Glitter Like A Gemini, which is a mix of purple, silver, holo and teal glitters of various shapes and sizes.


I did have to fish around a bit for the big circle glitters, but nothing too hard to catch!


Glitter Like A Gemini has sold out now, but you can find other glitter toppers and fabby polishes at JulieAnn’s Etsy shop. You can follow Freckles Polish on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Rimmel polishes can be found in Boots, Superdrug, most supermarkets and probably a million other places.

Jo x

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