Watercolour mani with Sally Hansen jellies

Hello my loves! I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine as much as I am. Everything seems better bathed in sun!

I’ve got another pastel mani for you today. I picked up four of the Sally Hansen Triple Shine jellies from Poundworld recently, then when I got home I looked up some reviews to see what I could do with them. Yes, I know the normal order is to look at reviews first and then buy, but hey, I’ve never been one for normal 😉 I found a review at Nouveau Cheap that had a look I wanted to recreate. Here it is!



I started off with a white base, there is no way on this earth that these jelly polishes are ever going to get opaque. My base is two coats of Barry M Coconut, which is my go to (off)white. Once that was dry, I blobbed each jelly polish onto my nails and kind of smeared it around a bit to fill a quarter. I didn’t worry about them drying before doing another colour, as they blended together where they met.


The glitters are Claire’s Bouquet, which gives a nice subtle shimmer in the sunlight.


Even my thumbnail gets a look in today!

I topped it all off with a coat of INM Out The Door, which is growing on me every time I use it. I do love the glassy shine it gives!


So, how were the Sally Hansen jellies? Well… OK I guess. Fairly limited use – this sort of thing and lead lighting. They were *really* runny, to the extent that I thought I had an almost dry brush, then whooosh! a load of polish would run down and blob on my nail. You can see on my little finger where the red got a bit overloaded before I figured out what was happening. The Triple Shine brushes are quite wide, the same width as the bottle opening, which can get messy (my aim is bad)


Look how sheer this stuff is!


I used four of the range for this mani – Jell-ous? (red), Ice Tint (blue, and the sheerest of the lot), Grape Jelly (purple) and Sea Through (green). There are two more shades available, though the reviews make it look like they are very similar to Jell-ous? so I won’t bother hunting them down.

Ever played with the Sally Hansen jellies, or the OPI Sheer Tints? What did you think?

Jo x

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