3st lighter with Slimming World!

It was my Slimming World weigh in last night, an I am thrilled to report that I’ve lost the last pesky half pound for my 3st award! That’s 42lbs, or 19kg for all you non-UK peeps.

I got some new bling for my folder, and another little certificate. I really should display these somewhere, maybe stick them on the fridge?

My 3st loss award
My 3st loss award

My weight loss has been a bit up and down recently – mother’s day, my birthday, Easter and then holiday all in the past few weeks means that I’ve yo-yo’d a bit, but overall I’m heading in the right direction. Sorry about the crappy photo, I cannot for the life of me get my tablet to take a screenshot.

Wibbley wobbley downwards graph
Wibbley wobbley downwards graph

At the moment I’m feeling pretty motivated, breakfast was an omelette with mushrooms, red pepper, chives & smoked salmon, and lunch was leftover roast chicken, potatoes, butternut squash, carrots, cabbage and leek from last night. I’ve had a chunk of cheese for my HEA, and no syns so far! This will change tonight though, Thursdays i always share a bottle of white with my best friend. All on plan! I do seem to spend most of my syns on alcohol!

Till next time,

Love, Jo x

5 thoughts on “3st lighter with Slimming World!

      1. You can do it! I can recommend reading Weight Loss Bitch’s blog – she has lost 20st on Slimming World and posts lots of ways to keep yourself positive. Colourful language though! I started right at the beginning of her blog and read the lot, I found it really helped the first couple of months. I’ve followed you so I can cheer you on 🙆🙋


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