Different Dimensions Thriller

One of the few good things about returning from holiday on Saturday was finding nail mail waiting for me! I’d placed an order with Rainbow Connection a few days before I left in the hope it would arrive in time, but I’m sure the courier waited until we’d driven off before posting it through the letterbox. No matter! I now have a lovely new bottle of HK Girl Glisten & Glow, and of course I added a few polishes to my order… would have been rude not too!

Today I’m showing you Thriller from US indie maker Different Dimension. Thriller was part of their 2014 Halloween collection – it’s spring and I’m wearing a Halloween polish – such a rebel!


More pics to come …

So Thriller is a purple jelly with incredible magenta shimmers. I swatched it on a stick to start with, and was unimpressed, but as I added more layers the depth built.. and then I put it in the sunshine and just.. wow. I had to try it out on my nails.


It’s very hard to capture the incredible shimmer in a photo, hopefully you are getting some idea though! Please excuse any sore cuticles, I managed to shut a couple of fingers in a kitchen drawer. I’ve also noticed I didn’t clean up very well. Too excited about taking pics in the rare sunshine!




Look at all those shimmer bits! As you can see, Thriller is very sheer, all pics show three thin coats plus top coat. I would have done four but it was getting late and bed was calling.

I took a couple of shots on my phone in the car (I was parked, don’t worry). Strangely, my phone reproduced the colour most accurately.



One last indoor shot.


Different Dimension polishes are available in the UK from Rainbow Connection.

Jo x

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