Pastel Skittle featuring Flash Nails Bubble Bath

Another quick vault post for you, featuring another birthday present. Mr Magpie bought me two Flash Nails glitters, Disco Lights and Bubble Bath. I wanted to try Bubble Bath, but I couldn’t decide what base colour to use. So, I used all of them!


I love the way different colours of the glitter pop on each base! This is the only pic I took, unfortunately. I will have to recreate it again soon!


Here’s what I used:

Thumb – 3 coats Sally Hansen Smooth & Perfect Sorbet
Index – 3 coats Essie Romper Room (horrible thin, runny, streaky formula!)
Middle – 2 coats Nicole by OPI Kardashian Kolor One Big Happy Fame-ily
Ring – 3 coats Sally Hansen Smooth & Perfect Sea
Pinky – 3 coats Sally Hansen Smooth & Perfect Air

The Sally Hansens I picked up from Poundworld recently, they are a bit on the sheer side but do build up nicely. I love the big chunky square bottles too! The Essie was horrible, I can’t seem to find a pastel pink creme with a reasonable formula. I couldn’t find a lilac creme in my stash (I do have one just misplaced it!) so I used the OPI which was fine except for a shimmer. The glitter in Bubble Bath mostly hid that though.

Bubble Bath contains big pastel circles, with a kind of satin finish, and silver micro-glitter. It is very unusual, and I love the effect! I didn’t have to fish for the circles, in fact I had to be careful not to get too many on my nails at once.

Flash Nails polishes are available from, and you can follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Jo x

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