OPI Blue Chips

A couple of days ago I was wandering around the shops in Barmouth ( I’m staying nearby on holiday) when I found The Original Factory Shop, kinda like TK Maxx & TJ Hughes. I picked up a few polishes there, today I’m showing OPI Blue Chips, which I believe is a renamed sell off of left over limited edition stock.

Blue Chips is a fab mid-blue colour with scattered holo glitter. The glitter makes the polish dry very gritty, so either you learn to like the textured effect (not me!) or you use a ton of top coat.


More pics after the jump!

It’s also a touch sheer, I’m wearing two coats of Blue Chips and in certain lights I can see nail line. Its not the biggest problem with this polish though.


The close up pic shows how gritty this polish dries, visible still even under two coats of INM Out The Door. It felt reasonably smooth to touch, maybe one more coat of top coat would have made it perfect but I’d run out of patience by then.


I added a coat of OPI Last Friday Night to my ring finger, which sparkles nicely indoors but gets totally lost amongst the holo in the sunshine. Not the best glitter match I’ve made, but I only have a few with me!


I really like OPI’s flat rounded brush, it makes neat cuticle edges a breeze.


Blue Chips looks stunning in the sunlight, it’s really hard to capture though! I’ve had a lot of compliments in the couple of days I’ve been wearing it now. I just wish it dried smoother.


This is probably the best shot showing the holo glitter, although the bottle is Last Friday Night. Can you even tell which nail has a coat of LFN on?


The final shot was taken indoors, in natural light. You can see the glitters of Last Friday Night much better in this light.

I do love the colour of Blue Chips, and the amazing sparkle in the sunshine, so I don’t regret buying it. Maybe a thicker top coat would help smooth it out more next time.

Jo x

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