Models Own Pink Veneer and Technic Ice Cream Ella

Hello from sunny Wales! I’m on holiday over Easter but I do have WiFi, so I can still post 🐱

Since the sun is shining and it’s Easter weekend, I wanted pastel nails. I chose a pastel pink base with pretty sprinkles. Love how these look, I’m not going to want to take them off!


I started off with two coats of Models Own Hypergel Pink Veneer. Compared to other Hypergels I’ve tried, this one is hard to work with – quite thick yet streaky, and it takes ages to dry. Two coats was good enough for a base for glitter though. Pink Veneer really does plump up like proper gel polish – I’ve had a couple of people ask if I had shellac on.


The glitter topper is Ice Cream Ella from Technic. It is a clear base, with small hex light pink, blue & peach matt glitters, larger light pink hex glitter, and a sprinkle of holo micro glitters. I love the way the blue pops out from the pink base!


The pictures are washing out the pink a bit, it is much brighter in real life.


Glitter bottle close up:



All finished with a coat of INM Out The Door. My bottle of HK Girl G&G is almost empty and the replacement didn’t arrive before I left for hols 😦 I don’t get on well with OTD – I find it takes ages to dry, and an hour later I managed to smudge still soft nails. I’m too used to the speed of G&G or Seche Vite! It does dry to a fantastic shine though.

Models Own polishes can be found in various large supermarkets and Boots/Superdrug, or from their website, Amazon or bottle shops. I got my Technic polish from Bodysavers, though they do turn up in discount stores and markets all over.

Hope you all have a great Easter!

Love, Jo


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