Adventures in stamping – featuring Freckles Polish Papa Legba

Another episode in my never ending quest to improve my stamping skills!

My base polish today is two coats of Freckles Polish Papa Legba, which is a brownish-red burgandy colour with a scattered holo. I fail at describing colours. The pics are pretty true to real life though.


The stamping is done using Barry M Gold Foil, my birthday MoYou stamper, and an old Cheeky plate CH13. I’m having a lot more success with the MoYou stamper than my old Konad one, it seems squishy stampers suit my nails better.


The stamping was not perfect, a few blobs missing here and there. I tried to fill in with polish – I need a finer brush! Yet another thing on my want list.


It doesn’t look anywhere near so bad in real life, thank goodness! The gold studs are from Born Pretty Store, I bought them ages ago and never got round to using before now. They are a little big for my curvy nails, I’m surprised that they are still attached to be honest, the amount I’ve caught them on things today! (Edit – I lost 2 before 24hrs was up) I blobbed on top coat to place them, then top coated (HK Girl G&G) all over to keep in place.


Overall I’m quite pleased with this mani – and as a bonus, it matches my handbag!




I love how the holo shines out from the stamping, in the rare moments of sunshine we have. It makes my heart happy 🙂 I am easily pleased!

Freckles Polish is available from Julie Ann’s Etsy store. Barry M is available from Boots, Superdrug and larger Tesco stores. I got the Cheeky plates from Amazon marketplace.

Till next time,
Love Jo x


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