Fused Glass Ring

This weekend Mr Magpie and I visited Shropshire for a couple of days. Saturday morning the weather was dreadful so we drove to Ludlow and mooched around for a while. Right next to the castle I found a little art shop run by a husband and wife team – he paints and she makes glass jewellery and other artwork.

I can’t resist shiny glass.

I’m actually not much of a jewellery lover – earrings make my ears sore, and necklaces just get in the way and dangle in things and get caught in my hair. But I do love rings, and have a respectable sized collection 😉

I spotted a little pad of glass rings, and found myself buying this beauty:


The blue matched my nail polish, so I had to buy it!


As you can see, it is quite a statement ring. The band is silver, and is adjustable.


So beautiful! And it only cost £12. The workshop does have a website – The Artroom Ludlow – though there are no rings listed at the moment I’m sure a quick email to the owners would be fine. They were both really friendly and showed us a few nice places to stroll around.

One last gratuitous shot!


Jo x

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