Collection Galactica Blue Moon and Seventeen Bluetone

Well, it had to happen sooner or later… I broke a nail. Didn’t have my repair kit (nail glue and a teabag!) with me, so had to trim them all down to match. This new length is taking some getting used to! I’ve got some old manis to show yet so nail lengths in photos will vary.

So this is Blue Moon, from the Galactica collection from er.. Collection. Way to make your brand hard to find in search engines. Anyway. Nice simple mani, two coats of HK Girl Stuck on Blu (I always worry blues will stain so double up on base!), two coats of Blue Moon, an accent nail of Bluetone and one coat of G&G. Simple, but oh my gosh stunning!


I do love metalics! I had to be very careful with application, Blue Moon has a wide, flat brush, that unlike the new Barry Ms doesn’t curve at the end so making a nice clean line at the cuticles was tough. One coat was a bit patchy but two is perfection. No issue with visible brush strokes either.


As you can see, I picked up Blue Moon half price at Asda, they seem to be clearing out quite a few of last seasons ranges at the moment, I grabbed a couple of cheap George polishes too. By the way, in the pic above, it looks like my nails are smudged but it’s just reflecting the surroundings because it’s sooo shiny!

The accent nail is Bluetone by Seventeen, which is mixed size silver and black glitters in a blue tinted base. The blue tint didn’t seem to change the colour of Blue Moon, but I only did one coat. I’d like to try it over white.


Close -up bottle shot of the glitter:


Bit blurry but you can see the different sized glitters in there. Collection polishes are available at lots of supermarkets and Boots, Superdrug etc, Seventeen is a Boots specific brand I believe.

I really do love this look! I can’t stop admiring my nails – a couple of days in and it still looks perfect and shiny.

Jo x

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