Missing – presumed hiding under the duvet

Wow – it’s been five months since I posted last! What happened? Well… the short answer is life happened. The long answer – keep reading…

1. Work. I am self employed. My work tends to go in waves, busy busy and then a quieter spell. I hit a busy busy busy period, I barely had time to paint my nails once a week, never mind do the photos and write blog entries to go with them.

2. Depression. I’ve suffered with bouts of depression since I was a teenager – never to the point of being suicidal, but certainly debilitating. I went through a dark patch last year, at the worst point I didn’t want to leave the house, lost all interest in everything, and cried pretty much constantly. Thanks to a friend dragging me to the docs and being prescribed antidepressants (for the umpteenth time) I’m now on an even keel. Ish. As even as I get, at least.


3. Health. The biggie, for me at least. I am horrendously overweight, to the point that the consultants at the hospital said the only way to fix it is bypass surgery. I do *not* want this to happen, the idea horrifies me. I also have an inherited under active thyroid, which makes loosing weight harder (but not impossible!), IBS (which means I have to cook from scratch or face spending the evening in the bathroom) and a herniated disc in my spine (lots of backache, not helped by the extra weight).

Just before Christmas, when I stopped posting, I finally realised that the only thing that could fix my problems was me. I gave myself a mental kick up the backside and dragged my arse to Slimming World. I stopped eating all the junk crap that makes me ill, identified several of my IBS trigger foods, and got more interested in things that can positively affect both my mental and physical health. I’m nowhere near healthy yet, but I’m a damn sight closer than I was six months ago!

So, I think the focus of this blog will change. I will still post nail stuff, because shiny! I adore having beautiful looking nails, and it encourages me to love the rest of me too. There may be a few mental ramblings like this one – I’ve found it quite therapeutic to put my thoughts down in writing. And maybe the odd recipe that I’ve concocted – both Slimming World and IBS friendly 🙂

Oh, and if you’re interested, I’ve lost 2st 10lbs (38lbs) so far! Go me!

Jo x

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