52 week Challenge week 5 – 80’s!

The prompts for week 5 of the pick n mix challenge are 80’s or 3 dark colours. Since I’ve dodged doing 60’s and 70’s manis, I thought I’d better have a go at this one! The 80’s was the decade that I became a teenager, started and finished senior school, and got my first job, so its pretty memorable! I had a think about what I remembered about the 80’s – lots of bold, clashy colours, electric blue mascara, leg warmers!, Rubik’s cubes, vhs tapes, cassette tapes, Boy George… I could go on for hours. One of my favourite TV programmes was Fame, and that got me thinking about the 80’s dance wear / exercise wear craze – bright leotards with contrasting belts, and shiny Lycra leggings. And leg warmers of course! So this is what I’ve tried to recreate for my 80’s mani.


I started out with a base colour on each nail for the leotards, two coats for the purple, green and pink, three for the yellow and blue because they were quite sheer. Once they were dry, I used a dotting tool to draw on the contrasting belts, and then drew on the silver leggings just using the bottle brush. Do they sort of look like leotards and leggings? I think so!


Here are all the polishes used in this mani:


Purple: 17 – Wicked
Pink: Maybelline – Pink Boom (I love this pink!)
Green: Barry M – Cardamon
Yellow: Sally Hansen – Lemon Zest
Blue: Revlon – Surf Spray
Silver: Barry M Foil Effects

I could have done with a brighter green, but I don’t own one. And surprisingly, I didn’t hate the yellow nail, which I was fully expecting to do.


Sorry about the lack of cleanup. I’m lazy today. Also – my belts are wonky.

See what the rest of the Nail Tarts came up with by following the link below.

Jo x



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