W7 ‘Metallic Jupiter’

I’m veering back to the dark and dramatic again today! W7 Metallic Jupiter is another Poundworld find, though they aren’t expensive to start with. Its a very dark (black?) base, packed with holographic particles. In the bottle the colours shimmer through gold, fuchsia, purple, blue and a tiny flash of green. On the nail, I’ve lost the gold but the rest are there, depending on the light.

W7 Metallic Jupiter

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I imagine this would really sparkle in the sunshine, unfortunately sun is but a distant memory at the moment. Here is everything I used for this mani:


I had a feeling that Metallic Jupiter might be a stainer, so I went with two coats of Sally Hanson Diamond Strength as a base, then three coats of colour. Two coats still felt a touch patchy to me. I did find application quite messy – it could have been me being tired, but I managed to paint my cuticles on every nail. Sometimes several times. I haven’t done that for ages! One coat of Seche Vite topped it off.

Unfortunately, the W7 and the Seche Vite didn’t play nicely together. I had read online about SV shrinking away from nail tips, but I’d never really experienced it myself. This time though it is quite dramatic, especially on my thumbs and middle fingers. I always cap my nail tips (hangover from gel mani days) but you can see in the pics how the colour has been dragged back. I’m quite disappointed 😦

Holy crap look at my nail tips!
W7 Metallic Jupiter

The little gold cat charms are from She Sells Seashells, and cost just a pound for a bag of 50. They are quite flexible, so I bent one to fit my nail curve before attaching with a tiny blob of top coat. There are a few sticky out bits (tail and legs) so I put a layer of top coat over it to smooth things out.

W7 Metallic Jupiter

All photos taken with flash since the sun is nowhere to be seen.

W7 Metallic Jupiter

I really like this polish, its just a shame that the top coat messed it up. Even so, I’m still sitting here twisting my nails around in the light to see all the pretty colours.

The 52 week pick n mix challenge continues this week with two prompts – 70s or grey with colour. I’m a little at a loss at what to do – I don’t own any of the classic 70s colours, nor do I own a grey polish unless I go back to my gels again. I’m hoping inspiration strikes before the weekend… or failing that, a shopping trip!

Jo x

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