52 Week Challenge week 2 pt2 – Pink!

So here is the second part of the 52 week pick n mix challenge – this week the prompts were three colour gradient or pink. You can see my gradient attempt here. I used pink in the gradient, but I still wanted to do a pink mani too, mainly to try out some ideas.

#52wpnmc 52 Week Pick n Mix Challenge - Pink

More after the jump!

I started out with two coats of Rimmel 60-second ‘Twinkle’, a baby pink with very subtle holo shimmer in the bottle. Unfortunately this didn’t come across on my nails. On my little finger & thumb, I added a coat of an unnamed Claire’s Accessories pink glitter topper (shade 327, that’s all I know) to give the mani a bit of sparkle. My index and middle fingers have a dotticure made with OPI ‘Hey Baby’ and W7 white. Finally I used the dotting tool to make the flower on my ring finger.

Cast of characters

This didn’t turn out as neat as I wanted, mainly due to my other half leaning on my right arm while I was trying to paint & watch the Japanese Grand Prix. (#PrayForJules) Also, my dotting tool didn’t make big enough dots for the flower. More dotting tools required!

In sunlight

Overall I’m reasonably happy with it though, as always more practice required 🙂

In the shade

See what the rest of the Nail Tarts did here:


Jo x

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