Dollish Polish ‘Love Me Some Pie’

I’ve done a lot of darker manis recently, and after all the blacks, blues and greens I’m craving something more red. I did think about doing pillar box red, because I love me some red nails, the tartier the better as far as I’m concerned! But then my eyes fell on one of the Dollish Polishes that I picked up last weekend, and the decision was made. Say hello to Dollish Polish ‘Love Me Some Pie’.

Dollish Polish 'Love Me Some Pie'

‘Love Me Some Pie’ is inspired by Dean from the TV series Supernatural, and is a raspberry jelly filled with black dots, black & holo glitter, and larger pink circle glitters. My camera really didn’t like this colour and refused to represent it properly (or more likely, I don’t know how to use it correctly) – in real life, this is several shades darker and more pink than the photos show. All pics are three coats of ‘Love Me Some Pie’ plus one coat of Seche Vite, so you can see this isn’t a densely packed glitterbomb, its more subtle and I really like it!

Dollish Polish 'Love Me Some Pie'

I’d been wearing this for a couple of days when the photos were taken, it still looks like new. I do have a tiny chip on my right hand where I picked a glitter flake off, but I can’t blame the polish for that.


I love this polish, the black dots in it remind me of raspberry jam. Yum.

Jo x

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