Shades of Phoenix ‘Bad Kitty’

These photos were taken a couple of days ago, before my new camera battery arrived, so its back to phone pics I’m afraid!

So I had picked up a bottle of ‘Bad Kitty’ from Shades of Phoenix from a car boot sale for the princely sum of 33p, and as soon as I got home, I wanted to try it in a mani. As mentioned before, I believe this was an exclusive shade for an Australian indie polish subscription box (called ‘What’s in-die box?’)

Shades of Phoenix 'Bad Kitty'

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‘Bad Kitty’ is a total glitterbomb – a black tinted base full of green and black glitters. I’m not usually a fan of green anything, but I do like emeralds and the bottle looks like it is full of ground up gemstones!

Cast of characters

I started with a coat of Sally Hansen Diamond Strength, then two coats of Collection ‘Blackjack’. Coverage of ‘Blackjack’ was really nice, and it levelled perfectly with a beautiful shine – my only criticism is that I found the brush too wide for my taste. I like smaller brushes.

I then added a single coat of ‘Bad Kitty’ over my ring & middle fingers and my thumbs. I imagine you could get it completely opaque with two or three coats, but I didn’t fancy trying to remove all that glitter! I tend to dab glitters on so that I can control the placement, so I can’t really comment on how it applies.


I then added the little neon green dots with a dot of top coat. These dots came from The Nail Arcade, I bought the neon dots (which are also available in star shapes) and some 1mm gold studs, Rachel the owner also threw in some silver holo triangles for free 🙂 A coat of Seche Vite sealed the lot down. I felt that the glitter nails could have used another coat of SV, they didn’t feel completely smooth, but not rough enough to be catching on things so I didn’t bother.

Flash shot - Shiny!
Shades of Phoenix 'Bad Kitty'
Shades of Phoenix 'Bad Kitty'

Shades of Phoenix polishes can be found here, and they do ship to the UK (although shipping prices are hefty from Australia!)


Jo x


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