Freckles Polish ‘I’ll Need Wine’ and ‘Kicking Up Leaves’

OK, so I said I would be posting a mani featuring Shades of Phoenix ‘Bad Kitty’. But literally as I pressed publish on those words, a package fell through the letterbox containing these two gorgeous polishes, so I had to try them out! Warning, pic heavy post ahead…

I'll Need Wine & Kicking Up Leaves

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I saw a preview of ‘I’ll Need Wine’ on the Freckles Polish Facebook page, and knew that I had to have it. A beautiful burgundy colour, with holo shimmers running through. 

I started with a coat of OPI Nail Envy, and then followed with two coats of ‘I’ll Need Wine’. In my excitement I painted every nail, and had to remove the ring fingers (on both hands!) so I could use ‘Kicking Up Leaves’ for their stamping base. Application of both colours was easy, on shorter nails you might get away with one coat but I needed two. This pic is two coats plus a coat of Seche Vite, taken with flash because the sun is refusing to shine today.

Before stamping

I then used ‘I’ll Need Wine’ and a Cheeky stamping plate to stamp the spirals on my ring finger.


I find stamping a bit difficult because my nails are quite curved, and I had to restamp by the cuticle, but hey, its only my second go so far!

Spiral stamping
Freckles Polish 'I'll Need Wine'
Freckles Polish 'Kicking Up Leaves'

Hopefully my photos are looking better now, I’ve finally got a new battery for my DSLR.

Freckles Polishes
Freckles Polishes

As the sun refused to co-operate, the best I could do was an overexposed flash shot to show the holo in both these polishes


Freckles Polishes are available from their Etsy shop, I bought the mini size which are now sold out, but 10ml bottles are available for £6.50 and are 4-free.

Aren’t they gorgeous? I’m keeping this mani on as long as I can!


Jo x


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