My first Indies!

Follow any nail polish blog, and you’ll soon have your eyes opened to the world of indie polish makers. Glitters and holos seen to feature heavily – right up my street then! I’ve just ordered my first indie polish (OK, maybe two) from Freckles Polish and I’m anxiously awaiting them to fall through the door. I picked ‘I Need Wine’ and ‘Kicking up Autumn Leaves’. Swatches when they arrive!

In the meantime, yesterday I went car booting with some friends. No real reason, just a way to kill a Sunday morning. I came across a stall with 3 big crates of random polishes, all of them 3 for £1. I could have stood there rummaging all day, but my friends were impatient and Sunday lunch at the pub was calling, so I restricted myself to quickly picking six.


Left to right we have Barry M ‘Pink Sapphire’, Shades of Phoenix ‘Bad Kitty’ and Nails Inc ‘Hereford Square’.

Bad Kitty is the most interesting one here. Shades of Phoenix is an Aussie indie, and this shade seems to be an exclusive for a monthly indie polish subscriber box. It is an emerald green glitter in a sheer black base, with lots of teeny holo flecks. I’ve just used this in a mani, post coming up later!

I like the look of the Nails Inc one too, a blue leaning holo topper.

Dollish Polishes


A trio of mini Dollish Polish, from their Ultimate Fandom collection. Dollish Polish is an American indie, and these 3 beauties were released in May this year. Each shade takes its inspiration from a different geeky film or TV series. I love these! I NEED the rest! I have ‘Live Long and Prosper’ (Star Trek), a cornflower blue jelly with silver and blue glitter stars, dots and flakes. ‘The Deathly Hallows’ (Harry Potter) is a clear topper, with silver shimmer and a generous dollop of silver holo triangles, donuts and bars. Finally ‘Love Me Some Pie’ (Supernatural) which is a raspberry jelly base with black glitter dots, and pink glitter circles.

I have a new found love of car booting, if I can grab hauls like this for £2! I think I must have stumbled across an (ex?) bloggers stash, none of the six I bought have any signs of use and I wouldn’t expect anyone but an aficionado to be collecting foreign indies. I guess that makes me one now!


Jo x

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