Sally Hansen ‘Sparkling Water’

I wanted to try out one of the polishes that I had picked up for a pound, after some deliberation (eeny-meeny-miny-mo) I settled on Sally Hansen ‘Sparkling Water’. Here it is after two coats – the light was fading so sorry about the pic!


No top coat on yet, but look at that baby shine! You can see the blue microglitters, there are also pinky-purple ones but they are very camera shy. Sparkling Water is an odd colour to describe – depending on the light it can lean green or blue. Shall we call it teal? Application was OK – the brush is very wide, only just fitting into the bottle neck. I have narrow nails, so the wide brush made precision difficult (like I find it easy anyway).

I then added a coat of Barry M Treasure Chest, which is a clear base with gold & rose gold flakies. I found I had to dab the flakes onto my nails, otherwise they ended up being dragged by the brush. A single coat of Seche Vite still felt bumpy, but another coat smoothed it all out. BTW, can I just say how much I love Seche Vite? Scant minutes later my nails were dry enough to change the bedclothes and survive! Yay! (Yes, I know I should plan my manicures at better times. What can I say, I’m impulsive.)


Look! Sunshine! Sparkly!




The square lid on the Sally Hansen bottle comes off to reveal a round brush handle, which is a good thing otherwise it would be very cumbersome.

I’ve had this mani on for three days now, no signs of wear at all. On the way to Lichfield yesterday the sun was shining in the car, and I couldn’t take my eyes off how my nails sparkled. No, I wasn’t driving. Very pleased with my bargain!

Jo x


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