Bargain haul

(Or ‘How to build a stash without the cash’)

I’d heard rumours that polish bargains could be found in unusual places, such as Poundland. There is a retail park not too far from me that has a Pound world, TK Maxx, B&M and Poundstretcher, and I had an hour or so spare, so bargain shopping I went! Here’s a pic of the results:


Not bad at all!

B&M first. I picked up this little W7 dotting kit for £1.99. I’ve been looking for W7 black because Allie at Brit Nails recommended it, plus I wanted a dotting tool, so this ticks both boxes. The bottles are little mini 5mls each in red, white and black. There were lots of other nail related gift sets here, getting ready for Xmas I guess!


TK Maxx next, and I found this Gwen Stefani for OPI mini set for £5. They also had a Mariah Carey set, and a muppets set (which I almost caved in and bought) but both were more expensive. Four 3.75ml mini bottles in Hey Baby (creme cerise), I Sing In Color (very dark red creme), Love.Angel.Music.Baby (shimmery gold, can’t wait to try this one!) and 4 In The Morning (matt black). Such cute dinky little bottles!


On to Poundworld. This shop has a section for discontinued and end of line make up, all displayed in little plastic bag on hooks, for £1 each. It can take some rummaging around to find the gems. There was also lots of leaky bottles, exploded eye shadows etc, so be very careful what you pick up. I found these two little Revlon polishes:


Aren’t the bottles just adorable? The blue especially looks fabulous in the bottle, with a subtle pinky-purple shimmer. I really hope that transfers to my nails! Both are part of a scented range, although they both smell like nail polish to me. Maybe they are different when they dry.

I also picked up a couple of Sally Hansen’s – Sparkling Water and Sparktacular. I have a weakness for blue polishes. Especially ones that shimmer or glitter.


I also picked up a bottle of OPI Black Crackle, which never made it to the photos somehow. Curiosity more than anything, I can’t see myself using it much. There were several other OPI crackle colours available too.

Finally there’s the NYC Boogie Nights, which appears to be a blood red jelly. Halloween mani anyone?


On a separate trip I nipped into Poundland, where I found the two stamping kits and the graffiti glitter polish from my previous post. The stamping kits are £1 each, and contain a stamp (smaller than my Konad one, will be interesting to try it), a plastic scraper and a plate. I could only find two plates in my branch, labeled P48 and P33, which implies there should be a lot of other designs out there!



Isn’t shopping awesome? 🙂

Jo x


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